As you are aware A.U.H., Inc is an umbrella organizational catalyst here to spearhead the empowerment and unity of Afrikan People world wide. There are 4 pillars supporting this umbrella which are Charitable, Educational, Scientific, and Religious. We are connected to the 55 countries of Afrika (the 55th being the Afrikan Diaspora) through their Embassies, Missions, Consulates, Organizations and people of Afrika, by keeping them informed of our events, letters of moral support, and community reports found our the organizations web site. The African Union, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, South Afrika, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia and Kenya Missions and Embassies and South Amerikan Organizations have been very supportive in our organizational efforts.

A.U.H., Inc has been established for eight years, incorporated February 21, 2006 and currently claiming it’s non for profit status. Since its forming by Founder and President Brother Kassayi Hailu, an Afrikan born on the Continent,  and Vice President Dr. James J. Graves, an Afrikan born in the Diaspora, the organization has produce  21 community programs like, “Crisis in Afrika, Emergency Meeting discussing the Horn of Afrika where  Dr. Yosef ben Jochanna our Afrikan Elder and pioneer in the surfacing of our Afrikan story from our prospective was honored, , The Afrikan Millennium Celebration for All Afrikan People, and  Forging the Unity Proposal meeting”, where community activist and students gathered to draft a proposal to Afrikan leadership on ways to move the nation forward. The organization has produced 4 community documentaries titled, “ Crashing on the Afrikan Burial Ground claiming the Afrikan Millennium,  The Appeal for Unity between Ethiopia, Eretria, and all  Afrikan People: a Historic overview, The Emergency Meeting of the Horn and our current one in development, Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc.Presents “In the valley of dry Bones there is an Oasis of  Afrikan Unity” directed by Papa Grace.

  With these accomplishments, the message of Afrikan Unity has been spearheaded through out the world reaching from the grassroots level to international governance.

To date, Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc’s membership and global participation is reaching over 500 Afrikan People and Organizations of who we have directly worked and commutated with, such as the Afrikan Imams in the Americans, The Black Shoppers Union, Living in Black Afrikan online community, Harlem’s Afrikan Borough Presidents and Council People, The Ethiopian World Federation, Inc ,The Afrikan Day Parade, The Save Harlem Coalition, The Senegalese Community, Windows over Harlem, The Essie Davis Marmoreal Scholarship Foundation Mothers Day Parade, The Marcus Garvey Park Movement, The First Fruits Development, The A.U. 6th Region,  The Save Darfur Coalition, the Ethiopian and Eritrean Community,  and ONCEA(CENTRAL AMERICAN BLACK ORGANIZATION) to name a few. With communications form global and national areas like China, the Philippians, England, South America, in Afrika from Ethiopia, Liberia, Eretria, Kenya, South Afrika, and Ivory Coast, in American from Virginia, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Seattle, Atlanta, California, Jamaica, Florida, New Jersey, and of course New York.

We have also implemented several community programs and projects under the 4 pillars supporting the A.U.H., Inc umbrella. Please view our Missions state to read full detail of each.

2 Responses to “AUH, Inc Organizational Partners and Participants”

  1. Please keep me inform of upcoming events – especially considering the Global Dual Citizenship Conference info in Sept. 2010 in Atlanta. It was mentioned in Garvey’s Voice magazine.

    1. Will do!! Our new post will give some more information. Please check it out.

      Most Respect
      Sister Ivory Ann Black II W.S.
      Executive Secretary
      Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc

      Office Phone: 212 531-0384 / Fax: 212-531-0382
      Mobile: 414-429-2160
      Radio/TV Program: Watch us live at

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