L.M. Dimetros Woldu Gebremedhin, Official International Representative of A.U.H., Inc., for the Horn of Africa

February 2011 

Letter of Authority


By the powers invested in my office as the International President of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc( A.U.H., Inc. ) with international headquarters in Harlem New York, U.S.A.,  hereby selected and appointed L.M. Dimetros Woldu Gebremedhin, as the  official International Representative of A.U.H., Inc., in the Horn of Africa, to carry out the missions, goals and objectives of the organization. This includes but is not limited to promoting peace and security in Africa and for her peoples worldwide, to communicate with perspective governments, religious leaders, institutions, organizations and people of the African continent and Diaspora; on ways to spearhead the empowerment and unity of African peoples worldwide regardless of language, religion or place of birth.

Also to work with similar institutions whose organizational structure is in line with the missions of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc., and whereby positive and productive actives can be shared, it is allotted for to obtain healthy interactions and implementations for the sole purpose of the upliftement of the African continent and peoples worldwide. To add, this office will seek to engage, seek out, and appoint peoples of African descendant to work, assist, and carry the missions of A.U.H., Inc., for the Horn of Africa, in volunteer capacities. 

In the case of resigning, suspension, or termination of, L.M. Dimetros Woldu Gebremedhin, from his respective duties which will adjourn his office of representation of A.U.H., Inc. in the Horn of Africa, a public notice will be posted on the official international website of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. All and any statements of inquiry about our Horn of Africa representative office can be place through the office of the International Executive Sectary.


Kassayi Hailu                                                                                                   Sr. Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie

_________________________________                                    _______________________________

Kassayi Hailu                                                                                                  Sr. Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie

International President                                                                              International Executive Secretary

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc.                                                                   Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc.



2 Responses to “International Representative of A.U.H., Inc., for the Horn of Africa”

  1. Joachim Gregor Persoon PhD Says:

    Congratulations on the appointment of L. M. Dimetros Woldu to the position of AUH Horn of Africa International Official Representative – he is a well respected person with many contacts in both spiritual and diplomatic circles. In the context of his position as Executive Secretary of the Council of Ethiopian Elders he contributed much to initiatives spreading peace and reconciliation and gained extensive experience in this sphere. The Council of Elders was remarkable for their achievements in negotiations between the Ethiopian government and opposition movements especially following the controversial elections of 2005, subsequently he won a peace prize from Washington University Ethiopian Diaspora Seed Organization. Such long and fruitful experience designates him as an excellent choice for the position of AUH representative, and we can no doubt expect much from him in the future.

  2. Vera Maria Roberto Says:

    Congratulations! L.M. Dimetros Woldu. I understand that it has an important mission. That the blessings of God enable and give wisdom in everything what you to carry through.

    Vera Roberto

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