May 2011

Presentation by A.U.H. Inc.,

Greetings Your Excellencies, Brothers and Sisters of Africa,

Firstly Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. (A.U.H. Inc.,) is pleased to be in your presence once again during this one day Consultative   meeting here with the African Union in New York City concerning the Diaspora. Indeed the Union has confirmed their ongoing commitment towards the advancement of Africa’s Sixth Region and this kind leadership is what is needed to accomplish the goal of the United Union Sates of Africa.

We stand today to share our organizational developments concerning the African Diaspora and our working relationship with Africa. We as the African Diaspora must fully support the African Union as the highest level of government for the continent of Africa. No longer shall outside government usurp the leadership role over Africa to impose on the people and land their own concepts and ideals of governance. No longer will we accept a developed country or otherwise rights to call for regime change in Africa.  We as the Sixth Region of Africa must stand with the Union in its efforts of pervading in its authority, its peace and stability in Africa and overall, it’s structural unification of the entire continent.

Now to this extent and for the sake of Sankofa/ MAAFA of us all who are returning home, Africa needs a policy change of how the world does business with Her concerning its treaties and policy agreements, to include human and people rights of African people in the Diaspora who live within the boards of courtiers who have singed such treaties with Africa.  There must be a process where if crimes against humanity or crimes against human and people rights are commit on Africa’s people will living in foreign lands, then charges shall be made into the African Court of Justice / the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights against such countries that violate our rights. If such country is found to be guilty of such crime, then through the African Union, Africa has the right to sanction that country, place taxations on its foreign business in Africa and place limitations on how Africa does business with that part of the world. And!!! To include a fine placed on those countries. Africa conducts business and feeds the whole world!!! Diamonds, gold, oil, land, all kinds of resources even our babies are going in to foreign hands while we in the Diaspora suffer untold courts of inhumane acts by the same countries that deals and reaps from our blessed Mother Africa.  We in the Diaspora say NO MORE!!! Mother Africa will protect her children in the world just as the world protects it own in Africa.

Included with this, a major overtaking of African monetary resources must be identified and formed in to an African Continental banking system. Africa makes rich the whole world and now it’s time, seeing that the United Union States of Africa are metalizing, that Her resources are secured in Her own land. All can see that the task ahead is one that will take skillful hands and working minds to be ready and able to assist the AU in various fields of developments. A.U.H., Inc. is  willing, under our education pillar (to engender our younger generations with RESPECT for one another, nature and to be the bridge for creating WORK-STUDY programs in Afrika, ) to provide the African Union with capable college level students to work  in a variety of fields as needed on the continent. In this manner Africa’s youth inside and outside will gain the befit of working to build their continent and gain the identity, and continental integrity that comes with such noble efforts.

As before stated your Excellencies, Brothers and Sisters we cannot be separated from one another or just working in small groups here and there. We need a BASE!!! Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc is continuing the cry of The Center of African Unity of Harlem. Now this center can be used as an African Diaspora Headquarters for us as a working governmental and organizational base or it can be used simply as a social and educational base where we come to gather and share programs and projects together. Either way, we need a central base that we all can be active in.

On the behalf of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. our partnering organizations PADU and SDRC, and on the behalf of our globe membership, we thank you all.

Sister Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie

Executive Secretary

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc

Dear Readers,

We will, and continue to view the current unfolding taking place in our African regions as an African people uprising and continue to urge a peaceful resolution to all conflicts in these regions.

We continue to seek unity of all African dominated regions of the world. We Africans were on the verge of adopting policies that would not only unite us, but also offered us a viable alternative to the Western imposed free market model. Our efforts were seen as a threat to our over 500 years of Western hegemony. As a result, this has created the recent unrest that is preventing our African people’s ultimate victory. The people Power Movement that continues to improve the lives of our people in the south has been gaining interest in Mother Africa. This, the colonialists were not willing to tolerate. However, with all their attempts, we must not allow the falsification and demonization of African leaders to derail justice for Africa.

The actions of the United Nations are questionable and- in our opinion- does not recognize African people. We support the African Union’s (AU) opposition to the current operations underway by NATO, and denounce the attack as a violation of Africa’s sovereignty. We will not be governed by any other authority, but that of the African Union and no other entity will be honoured if there is any attempt to usurp this authority. We will exercise our rights to self determination and continue to conduct ourselves as sovereign African peoples globally.

We unequivocally support the Libyan government and recognize its legitimate authority. This being the case, any attempts of the government of Libya for peace and ceasefire must be recognized and respected. Any opposition to the authority of the current government of Libya that are engaged in violence are viewed as an endangerment to the citizens of Libya.

We have said nothing contrary to peace and continue to seek peaceful means to amicably resolve. We cannot continue to stress Human Rights while supporting violence and genocide. Africans are not aliens/refugees in their own land. Africans are not mercenaries. We are fighting, to maintain our sovereignty and territorial integrity and are opposing any efforts of European neo-re-colonization.

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc

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