Tete Antonio,
Permanent Representative
Permanent Observer Mission of the
African Union to the United Nations
Your Excellency,

We would firstly like to thank you for inviting Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. to commune with our African families during this year celebrations of Africa’s independence form colonization, at the Manhattan Center.  May 25 1963 marks the day where our ancestors collectively agreed on an independent Africa and set in motion this path of a united Africa and peoples. We would also like to congratulate you on your new leadership in being the Permanent Observer for the African Union. We know that your contributions will go on to continue achievements in unity that our ancestors worked diligently to uphold. 
Please allow us to briefly introduce ourselves to you. Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. (A.U.H., Inc.) is an umbrella organizational catalyst here to spearhead the empowerment and unity of African People worldwide. There are 4 pillars supporting this umbrella which are Charitable, Educational, Scientific, and Religious. We are connected to the 54 countries of Africa through their Embassies, Missions, Consulates, African Diaspora organizations and people of Africa, by keeping them informed of our events, letters of moral support, and community activities with reports. Support from the international leadership has come from the African Union, the Missions and Embassies from Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia and Kenya. And our connections to South America are continual.
We stand confidently with you in ensuring peace and security in Africa through youth and sports. Indeed engaging Africa’s youth will lead to the future’s leadership who, having a more sustainable life then generations before them, will go one to serve in a brighter and stronger United Africa. Your Excellency with the establishment of the African Diaspora and with the goals of a United Africa by 2017,  the African Union must began talks with the Diaspora in structuring the process of the African Union 6th region, the African Diaspora.
Your Excellency, again we appreciate being a guest at this year’s African Day Celebrations and we look forward in meeting with you in the near future.

Most Respect