Press Release

February 11 2010

The Horn of Africa in Crises and Future Prospects



The Horn of Africa consists of 8 countries neighboring each other in the Eastern part of Africa. It is called the “Horn” due to the shape in which the countries form. The world has been shocked by the recent currents taking place in the Horn from the callous genocide raids and the raping of women in Darfur, war over territorial lands between Ethiopia and Eritrea, to even the so called pirates in Somalia, who try to preserve their food resources. Those who live in countries in the Horn of Africa have faced pervasive and perpetual crisis for over thirty years.

The purpose of this conference is to illustrate the need for a sincere and critical panel discussion from an intellectual and Pan African perspective.  These panel decisions will address the Horn from areas of pre and post colonial times and highlight the areas of ancient kingdoms, cultures and traditions.

“This is a conference where Africans gather to discuss timely and crucial issues pertaining to the homeland Continent. It is a gathering of well meaning Africans from Africa and the Diaspora for exchange of ideas and experiences in politics, socio-economic issues, and the common cultural heritage of Africans. It is an opportunity for all Africans to have a say in the fate of Africa”, says Dr. Ghelawdewos  Araia, President of African Idea and professor at Lehman College.

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc in partnership with the Department of African American Studies, York College CUNY, The Institute of Development and Education for Africa (IDEA), Inc and the Department of African and African American Studies, Lehman College CUNY, has cosponsored this timely event on the aftermath of the suffrage of the Haitian people. The conference will be held February 27th 2010 at PS 76 A. Philipp Randolph School Auditorium located at 220 W 121 Street Harlem, NY. Doors open and registration starts at noon; and program from 1pm to 5 pm sharp.

            All welcome!