Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. recognizes that in order to have the Unity we must be willing to sit down with one another to discuss our common issues resulting in a collective goal. We have seen much war, famine, unjust and inhumane acts thrown on the backs of our children from generation to generation. Colonization of our Continent divided our land making us think we are different from one another. The enslavement of more then 700 million of our people from the Continent left 500 years of separation and lost of our cultural identity.


Posterity demands that, we, as One Afrikan Nation both home and abroad, must commit 100% of our efforts to continue our ancestors plight of unifying of our Mother Land and our Peoples. No longer can we blame others for exploiting our resources, people, and land for we allowed all of it to happen. We, as a Nation of Afrikan People must govern ourselves and take a moral responsibility for our Continent and her Beloved Afrikan People. Now in this 21st century we are the oldest civilization on earth birthing all human life and creating for them the culture of science, art, religion, language, and the like which gave birth to the whole world fostering great and mighty nations today.


Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. is calling ALL Afrikan People Worldwide to stop the false propaganda,  made to market way of thinking against our homeland and people. We have everything we need: food, natural resources, and intelligent skillful Afrikan people to make it all happen. The time for Afrikan Unity is NOW for the talks of a new world order is  already underway and Afrika is high on the list as a renewed frontier for  exploitation.