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On March 30, 2013 The African Unity of Harlem, Inc., a social service and humanitarian organization, will hold a free and public multi-media Gathering in Harlem, NY to heighten awareness of the mortal conflicts, crises and tensions in Africa that impact the African Diaspora, the future of the children everywhere and humanity.

“To be able to hold a Gathering in Harlem, during these critical times in our lives, on the month and day in which the Fifteenth Amendment (which outlawed the denial of African Americans to vote) was ratified 143 years ago and getting the National Black Theatre, truly demonstrates Divine participation in our efforts to heighten awareness about the many conflicts and crises being imposed on Africa that impact us all in the Diaspora.”  AUH Founder and President, Ato Kassayi Hailu

Harlem, New YorkOn Saturday, March 30, 2013 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. will hold a free and public Gathering at the renowned Dr. Barbara Ann Teer’s National Black Theatre located at 2031 Fifth Avenue, Harlem, New York 10035 at 125th Street, just blocks from the world-famous Apollo Theatre.  The purpose of the Gathering is to heighten awareness and present the truth, which mainstream media and governments fail to do, concerning the mortal conflicts, crises and tensions in Africa and their affects on Africa’s descendants, their children and the future of humanity.  Critical Conversation in Community, Dialogue-Discussion in the Diaspora and the Creation of (the first) Afrikan Unity of Harlem International Community Center headline the Gathering’s agenda.

Informal conversation and dialogue-discussion with the “Community Family,” and brothers and sisters with “boots on the ground” presence along with and panelists and speakers consisting of historians, educators and scholars with first-hand information, knowledge and cogent perspective on current events in their homeland of either Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, The Congo, The Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria and Somalia, will undoubtedly provoke and propel strategic thought, a main goal of the Gathering.  Urgent current events in Haiti, Jamaica, other areas of the Caribbean and the Northern Hemisphere will also be critically examined, analyzed and discussed via panel discussion and audience interaction.  Q&A sessions and multi-media–film, the internet-Worldwide Web-SKYPE, CDs, DVDs, and videos—will serve to corroborate and substantiate the discussions, conversations and reporting as to complement the event.  Several intermissions will allow time for all to “meet and greet,” and enjoy refreshments and cultural music.

The goal of those who seek to conquer the minds and spirits of the natives and descendents of Africa–the richest continent on earth–with the ultimatum of creating a state of dependency, subservience, self-hatred and desperation continues to find willing and consenting subjects. Such pathology begs critical examination and will serve to lead AUH’s President Ato Hailu to begin discussion on the vital need for an International Community Center–a mighty and costly undertaking.  Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “Silence is betrayal,” and Minister Ajaye, AUH’s Vice President and son of Honorable Queen Mother Moore, will discuss how the practice of The Seven Guiding Principle of Nguzo-Saba  can serve to “break the silence,” respect our Ancestors, ancestral values, protect our existence and direct our children’s future.  Minister Ajaye will also speak on his latest book which provocatively examines “identity.”



Attendees from bottom right: Kess Mahitama Selassie, Kassayi Hailu, Dr. Khazriel Ben Yehuda, Baba Kofi, Brother Ata Omon, Sister Ivory A. Black,  Gebre Selassie,  Abdelwsie Issa, Brother Che, and Howard University  Students.

In celebration of the Decade of the African Descendant, Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. presents

 “Respecting our Heritage sharing our Commonalities” Summit

September 8th and 9th 2011

Howard University 2397 6st N.W. Blackburn Center

Washington D.C.

Summary Community Report

October 5th 2011 Diaspora / 2004 Ethiopic

On the behalf of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. and our global membership, we are ever so grateful to have met each and every one of the scholars, spiritual fathers, students and African activist who participated in the “Respecting our Heritage sharing our Commonalities” summit at Howard University this past September. They all presented and shared exactly what the overall goal of the summit was; to express the African mind from various areas, ideals, and understandings to start the process of pulling together the African collective. This made the summit a true success.

 As we witnessed during the summit, we as African/ Black peoples, can no longer stay in our small corners looking at other African/ Black peoples as an enemy due to ones language, religion or place of birth. Hearing from the presenters, all faith and culture that we as African/Black people practice, originated from us at some point in the earth’s history. International recognized speakers on Afrikan/Afrikan American history, culture and civilization Ashra & Charmaine (Merira) Kwesi of Kamet NU Productions, presented Ancient Kushites to Black Lions.  

This was a two-part multimedia PowerPoint slide presentation that focuses on Ethiopia, the oldest independent country in Africa. This visually-documented lecture took the viewer from ancient times to the modern day as it relates to African peoples of antiquity to preset. It made the gathering clear on how today’s world populous copied African/Black traditions and culture and used it for their own.

Likewise Crown Dr. Khazriel Ben Yehuda:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dimona, Israel presented an amazing new fact of the African identity. In his analysis, the African peoples forced into captivity, made slaves, and had to labor under the most callous actions are indeed that lost tribe of Israel according biblical description. He showed a map detailing the emergence of Black Hebrew  peoples in Africa after the fall of Jerusalem of 70 AD and how these Black Hebrews were then captured and forced in to the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

We learned that it is not only important to know our culture and traditions from a historical past but also we need to bring forward those structures that worked in the developments of our great civilization, to know how to implement  a governing structure for today. Featuring “Horn of Africa Scholars” Author Dr. Argawi Berhe Author, Founder and Chairman of the Tigray Alliance for National Democracy (TAND) and Dr. Mesfin Araya, Professor and Chairman of African American Studies, York College CUNY seated on the Panel of Peace and Security in African / Diaspora did just that. They both expressed African Kingdoms verses that of nation states and how the effect of structural colonization needs to be replaced with an Afrikan centered government. We learned that African Kingdoms where governed by the land in which people lived, a communal belief of God, and the protocols of respect for elders. While nation states formation due to the demarcation of Africa after the 1884 Burling Conference, planted a demarcated style of rulership only to severe its foreign master using local African rulers to master over their own people. The need to revert to a African principal based government in Africa, the gathering found, needs all active Heads of State in Africa attention to sit down with one another to resolve.    

Knowing that all forms of modern day faiths and beliefs come from the continental Africa, Kess Mahitama Selassie of The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Holy Trinity Church, shared the historical mission of the oldest African Church to the Diaspora. Revealing Afrikans in the Diaspora helped to fight against Mussolini, the fascist torrent trying to bully Ethiopia (Abyssinia) in 1935, by lining up in Harlem signing on to join to fight with Abyssinia. By sending aide and money, quipped teachers and pilots, His Imperial Majesty Hail Sellassie I King of Kings of Ethiopia, grated Africans in the Diaspora the Shashamani land grant, a government known of the Ethiopian World Federation and the Church to bring back her lost sheep.  Whereas Brother Ata Omon in his “Bring MAAT”,  to the community showed how there is a need for a spiritual balance in the African movement that will elevate the African peoples to a higher consciousness thinking to solve global problems.

In the same line, Bother Muhammad Isb Bashir attorney and Author of “Raw Law”, give young Black males attendees guidance on how not to be targeted by the police. He states that cops are looking for a certain style of dress and attitudes. So if you’re in a group on a corner, just easily disperse when you see police in the area. Or if you are walking, cops look for those who wear their pants sagging, so pull them up or wear a belt. Also police will target a short dark skin brother before a tall light skin brother. Included in his presentation he showed how modern day acts against terrorism is indeed acts fighting against Islam. And see that portions of Africa’s people practice Islam, symbolically it keeps African/Black peoples separated because the media today’s makes the world feel that if you are Muslim and practice Islam, then you are a Terrorist.

Brother Cliff Kuumba  of SDRC / PADU  demonstrated the structure  of The PAN AFRICAN DIASPORA UNION as a coalition of regional and national Pan African organizations from Brazil, Canada, Cuba, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Martinique-Guadeloupe and the United States, among other areas, and that this Pan African Diaspora Union is a direct result of the partnership of several major Pan African coalition organizations, including— SRDC (Sixth Region Diaspora Coalition, also including the African Diaspora Sixth Region-Europe), UNIA-ACL (United Negro Improvement Association-African Communities League, AAPRP (All African People’s Revolutionary Party), Afrikan Unity of Harlem (AUH), Per Ankh of the Virgin Islands, among others. The Union seeks to establish its initial voting representation inside the Economic Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC), the civil society body of the African Union, as a global united front of African Diaspora organizations.

“Respecting our Heritage sharing our Commonalities” summit opened the way towards a true united people, by allowing various Africa peoples from various backgrounds to come together to share their side of the story. So let’s pull out those things that were corrupted so a more pure culture of people can emerge especially for Afrikans/Blacks in the Diaspora for we all are here now, no matter from what side of the paradigm we come from.

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. is compiling a complete report from the summit and the documentary is being edited. As soon as both are completed you can see the full report and film on our website. We will also use the documentary as a teaching tool for young motivate African youth who are interested in the development of Africa and her peoples globally. This will be presented to the Pan African Diaspora Union in which we are a voting member of, to be adopted as a teaching tool.

One of the objectives of the summit was the creation of a speaker’s bureau of African/ Black scholars that will tour various African countries starting with those that make up the African Union. The information  presented is key in renewing and advancing the African mind to bring about a new genius within the African continent and peoples.

AUH, Inc. is a partner of the Sixth Reign Diaspora Caucus with whom we are members of the African Diaspora Sixth Region of the African Union under the Union’s Constitutive Act Article 3 section Q, adopted by the 1st Extraordinary Session of the Assembly of the Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 3 February 2003, and by the 2nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Union in Maputo, Mozambique on 11 July 2003, stating to, “invite and encourage the full participation of the African Diaspora as an important part of our Continent, in the building of the African Union”. To this end, AUH, Inc. is inviting all of you to participate in the speaker’s bureau here in Harlem New York City at Columbia University May 2012. Here in Harlem we will lay the base to travel into Africa, prayerfully starting with Kenya, by visiting various African Missions and Consulates. 

 If you need further information or have a question, please contact our office directly.

Most Respect

Sister Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie

Executive Secretary

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc 

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Presentation by A.U.H. Inc.,

Greetings Your Excellencies, Brothers and Sisters of Africa,

Firstly Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. (A.U.H. Inc.,) is pleased to be in your presence once again during this one day Consultative   meeting here with the African Union in New York City concerning the Diaspora. Indeed the Union has confirmed their ongoing commitment towards the advancement of Africa’s Sixth Region and this kind leadership is what is needed to accomplish the goal of the United Union Sates of Africa.

We stand today to share our organizational developments concerning the African Diaspora and our working relationship with Africa. We as the African Diaspora must fully support the African Union as the highest level of government for the continent of Africa. No longer shall outside government usurp the leadership role over Africa to impose on the people and land their own concepts and ideals of governance. No longer will we accept a developed country or otherwise rights to call for regime change in Africa.  We as the Sixth Region of Africa must stand with the Union in its efforts of pervading in its authority, its peace and stability in Africa and overall, it’s structural unification of the entire continent.

Now to this extent and for the sake of Sankofa/ MAAFA of us all who are returning home, Africa needs a policy change of how the world does business with Her concerning its treaties and policy agreements, to include human and people rights of African people in the Diaspora who live within the boards of courtiers who have singed such treaties with Africa.  There must be a process where if crimes against humanity or crimes against human and people rights are commit on Africa’s people will living in foreign lands, then charges shall be made into the African Court of Justice / the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights against such countries that violate our rights. If such country is found to be guilty of such crime, then through the African Union, Africa has the right to sanction that country, place taxations on its foreign business in Africa and place limitations on how Africa does business with that part of the world. And!!! To include a fine placed on those countries. Africa conducts business and feeds the whole world!!! Diamonds, gold, oil, land, all kinds of resources even our babies are going in to foreign hands while we in the Diaspora suffer untold courts of inhumane acts by the same countries that deals and reaps from our blessed Mother Africa.  We in the Diaspora say NO MORE!!! Mother Africa will protect her children in the world just as the world protects it own in Africa.

Included with this, a major overtaking of African monetary resources must be identified and formed in to an African Continental banking system. Africa makes rich the whole world and now it’s time, seeing that the United Union States of Africa are metalizing, that Her resources are secured in Her own land. All can see that the task ahead is one that will take skillful hands and working minds to be ready and able to assist the AU in various fields of developments. A.U.H., Inc. is  willing, under our education pillar (to engender our younger generations with RESPECT for one another, nature and to be the bridge for creating WORK-STUDY programs in Afrika, ) to provide the African Union with capable college level students to work  in a variety of fields as needed on the continent. In this manner Africa’s youth inside and outside will gain the befit of working to build their continent and gain the identity, and continental integrity that comes with such noble efforts.

As before stated your Excellencies, Brothers and Sisters we cannot be separated from one another or just working in small groups here and there. We need a BASE!!! Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc is continuing the cry of The Center of African Unity of Harlem. Now this center can be used as an African Diaspora Headquarters for us as a working governmental and organizational base or it can be used simply as a social and educational base where we come to gather and share programs and projects together. Either way, we need a central base that we all can be active in.

On the behalf of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. our partnering organizations PADU and SDRC, and on the behalf of our globe membership, we thank you all.

Sister Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie

Executive Secretary

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc

Dear Readers,

We will, and continue to view the current unfolding taking place in our African regions as an African people uprising and continue to urge a peaceful resolution to all conflicts in these regions.

We continue to seek unity of all African dominated regions of the world. We Africans were on the verge of adopting policies that would not only unite us, but also offered us a viable alternative to the Western imposed free market model. Our efforts were seen as a threat to our over 500 years of Western hegemony. As a result, this has created the recent unrest that is preventing our African people’s ultimate victory. The people Power Movement that continues to improve the lives of our people in the south has been gaining interest in Mother Africa. This, the colonialists were not willing to tolerate. However, with all their attempts, we must not allow the falsification and demonization of African leaders to derail justice for Africa.

The actions of the United Nations are questionable and- in our opinion- does not recognize African people. We support the African Union’s (AU) opposition to the current operations underway by NATO, and denounce the attack as a violation of Africa’s sovereignty. We will not be governed by any other authority, but that of the African Union and no other entity will be honoured if there is any attempt to usurp this authority. We will exercise our rights to self determination and continue to conduct ourselves as sovereign African peoples globally.

We unequivocally support the Libyan government and recognize its legitimate authority. This being the case, any attempts of the government of Libya for peace and ceasefire must be recognized and respected. Any opposition to the authority of the current government of Libya that are engaged in violence are viewed as an endangerment to the citizens of Libya.

We have said nothing contrary to peace and continue to seek peaceful means to amicably resolve. We cannot continue to stress Human Rights while supporting violence and genocide. Africans are not aliens/refugees in their own land. Africans are not mercenaries. We are fighting, to maintain our sovereignty and territorial integrity and are opposing any efforts of European neo-re-colonization.

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc

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First Consultation of the African Diaspora to the African Union 

October 21st – 22nd 2010

African Union Headquarters New York 

Community Report

Greetings beloved children of the African continent,

It has been a long road home since the taking away into captivity of over 900 million of us into distance lands toped with the scramble for Africa which left our beautiful continent demarcated.  Finally with the strong will of our African Ancestral and current day leadership with the courage of us all expanding over a period of nearly 600 years, we are truly retuning home. After much work and endless days all around the world in church basements, school cafeterias and meeting halls for nearly ten years or more your time, money and intellect  has finally sprung forth the first African Diaspora meeting to the African Union.

This two day conference held October 21 -22, 2010 titled, “Building Bridges Across the Atlantic”, was convened at the African Union Headquarters downtown New York. About 40 to 50 or more African Diaspora based organizations received consultation from the leadership of the Africa Union and its Diaspora sector on past, present and future goals of the Diaspora towards firstly organizing its self, then to help build up Africa. The leadership present were Ambassador Tete Antonio, Permanent Observer of the African Union to the United Nations, Dr. Jinmi Adisa, Diaspora Director of the African Union Commission (Citizens And Diaspora Directorate CIDO), Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malawi Mr. Brian Bowler, Ambassador Amina Salum Ali Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the African Union to the United States, Washington, DC., Mr. Anthony Okara, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Bureau of the Deputy Chairperson, Ms. Nadia Roguiai (Expert, ECOSOCC,) Dr. Fareed Arthur Advisor (Strategic Matters, Bureau of the Deputy Chairperson of the Commission), and Mr. Wuyi Omitoogun (Expert, Diaspora Relations, CIDO). 

Chairman and Permanent Representative of Malawi to the United Nations H.E. Mr. Brian Bowler, was very genuine in establishing the spirit of the meeting and showing that the AU is fully aware of the real issues  and points of the Pan African  movement and the efforts of the Diaspora to formulate  a structure with in the African Union. He expressed the historical effects of racism on African people leading to the need for social emancipation within a diverse African population.  Colonial rule over the African continent toped with the formations of colonial states would go on to holt the Pan African momentum leading to a reduction of the, “African story to aspiration of colonial entities and later to an inter-government expression”.  He presented the complications within the movement with the fading away of the leaders who lead the building blocks towards a collective identity, whom have now pasted away, to a newer generation of leadership who do not have the same understanding given a changing world. However he recognized that all ties can be healed through family conversations.

He reported a list of expected outcomes concerning the Diaspora which included the affirmation and reconsolidation of the global African family, increase awareness among the African Diaspora population about the structures, processes and workings of the African Union, greater identification with its objectives and purposes, and more effective and results-oriented Diaspora contributions to work of the African Union in particular of development of the continent in general. 

One of the main items he expressed was the need to establish an African Diaspora database where skilled and professional Africans can be listed and called to carry out such works that are needed for the African continent as well as here in the Diaspora. He states his experiences of having to utilize a non African car services when he comes to New York when surly African people have car and taxi companies to whom he can spend his money with for services. The need of doctors in Africa also is overwhelming, but the Diaspora holds the largest of number Africans in this field. The need to have a task committee to create and gather information concerning the African Diaspora was in direct relationship to this fact.

Those present on the second day of the meeting organized themselves in to segments to deal with various identified areas of the concern for the African Diaspora. The flowing people and areas have been elected to serve on the African Diaspora to the African Union Task Committee: Dr. Georgina Falu for Afro-Latinos, Mr. Sidique Wai and Mr. Omowale Clay, for Community, Ms. Kathy Jenkins Ewa for Gender, Dr. Chika A. Onyeani for Media, and Engr. Daniel Ochweri for Youth. The Task Committee’s main objective is to gather all need information from the Diaspora and have reports ready to make a report at the African Diaspora Summit being held in South Africa this coming 2011.

We learned that the African Union is recognizing the , “Decade of the Woman”, and all women on the move was encouraged to stand firm in their  efforts in whatever fields they maybe in.  H.E. Amina Salum Ali, Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the African Union to the United States, Washington, DC confirmed the works of the African Union towards its Diaspora missions by hosting varies meetings and discussions in Detroit, Michigan; Huston, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; New York, Canada and in Chicago, Ill. What joy it was to know that while we were hard at work on the grounds in spreading the message of unity within  the African context, our leadership was hard at work as well conducting forums and talks throughout the Diaspora to gain the awareness of the Diaspora and what was needed in order  to make an effective African structure. She states her continual commitment to the Diaspora effort and even now, she says, “there is a Diaspora Bureau and Ministries in many of the governments in Africa, and Africans when traveling to the continent should seek to familiarize themselves with them”.

 Her presentation highlighted key issues concerning the developmental process of the African Diaspora:

  1. How can the Diaspora interact with the Commissions?
  2. How to proceed in ECSOSOCC (where the Diaspora was given 20 seats which would allow voting rights towards developmental issues concerning Africa…..how to structure it is still pending, but insights did occur. It was report that organizations would need to be registered (?))
  3. Citizenship of the African Diaspora( recommendations were to wait for the Summit in South Africa to have the Task Committee to make presentations recommending steps to take on being citizens of Africa)
  4. How to change the, “Brain Drain”, to “Brian Gain” (Need to know what are the experiences and skills of the Diaspora so contracts can be assigned. A list “database”, needs to be collected.
  5. Health Experts (1 million healthcare experts are needed for Africa and over 4,000 are in the United States alone).
  6. Awareness Campaigns promoting the positive side of Africa’s success, by empowering African Diaspora media in inspiring ways.
  7. How can the African Diaspora move the African agenda a head?
  8. Diaspora to host African Diaspora Per Summit in the United States( this summit will prepare the agenda items from Task Committee findings to then be submitted to the South African Diaspora Summit)
  9. Diaspora to engage with African House

Her Excellency Ail concluded with wanting to see a stronger African Diaspora and stressed the production of a booklet of African telnets. 

During the interactive discussion we further learned that knowing exactly where and what the Diaspora is was determined by having meetings with the African people and organizations born and functioning in the Diaspora (lands / countries outside of Africa) in different states and within other forms of governments. In 2008 African Diaspora conferences were being held within an A.U. framework. After a long day of spirit filled dialogue from the AU leadership, H.E. Dr. Jinmi Adisa, Diaspora Director of the African Union Commission, delivered lastly a dry and clean profile of the working nature of the African Diaspora. He states that, “ The African Diaspora consist of peoples of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the continent and building of the African Union’.  This definition was adopted at the next Ordinary Session of Council and Assembly in July 2005.”

This working definition was very important to the Diaspora due to identity issues flaring between Africans born in the Diaspora who are the direct descendants of the Africans from all over the continent who were carried away into captivity to the Western worlds, who succeeded in breaking the yoke of bondage, and went on to fight for civil and social rights that all peoples of America now enjoy i.e.     (African /Black Americans, those born in the Islands like Trinidad, Jamaica, Haiti also to include  the indigenous peoples of the Americas, who too, just as their American and Islander counterparts, fought in maintaining land rights and indigenous cultural traditions) and Continental  Africans( those born in Africa who migrated to the West per captivity and assisted in the building blocks of the Western society with trade goods that are now tangible “New World” commodities  and agricultural / scientific development; and those who later migrated for various reasons concerning educational or work opportunity, relief from persecution and exile,  or financial stability.) This was also topped with the South American and Spanish speaking Africans who for some time have went unnoticed due to the issues still arising within that community.

The Pan African / African Diaspora identity the claim of “owner’s right for recognition”, is one of the key elements in the stagnation in which H.E. Mr. Brian Bowler states in his findings recognizing that in the first Pan African conference being held in Europe, and later other places, consisted of Africans from various prospectives who shared a commend ancestry and who were facing the same unjust treatments where ever they were. When these leaders passed on, the younger generation combined with a changing world lead to ideas of separatisms, which the Pan African Forefathers saw themselves as one! With one command problem leading to one command solution…. African unity for African peoples liberation.  This working definition presented by the African Union has made it clear that the African Diaspora consists of ANY African who desires to work for the increase of Africa, which all Africans home and abroad can appreciate.

 Moving forward, H.E. Dr. Jinmi Adisa also reaffirms this unity for the African Diaspora by outlining the very people who make up the Diaspora:

  1.  Bloodline and/or heritage: The Diaspora should consist of people living outside the continent whose ancestral roots or heritage are in Africa
  2. Migration: The Diaspora should be composed of people of African heritage, who migrated from or are living outside the continent.  In this context, three trends of migration were identified – pre-slave trade, slave trade, and post-salve trade or modern migration;
  3. The principle of inclusiveness:  The definition must embrace both ancient and modern Diaspora; and
  4. The commitment to the African case:  The Diaspora
    should be people who are willing to be part of the continent (or the African family).

“A key component of the African Union Diaspora initiative is regular dialogue with members of the Diaspora. This process of global consultative dialogue began as part of the process of building up the momentum for a global African Diaspora Summit which is scheduled to be held in South Africa within the next year or after.” ——-H.E. Dr. Jinm Adisa 

 Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. would like to congratulate all who participated who have maintained consistence leadership in unity and holding the zeal to build a united Africa.

African leadership can be very complex in today’s modern society when handing an ancient and diverse people like Africans.  During the two day conference, “Building Bridges Across the Atlantic”, we witness for ourselves the bright potential of both society and its leadership as we the African people opened the door to sit down and see each other.

We are all here now.  A skillful and talented people and their leadership.  Let us do business together by helping to build Africa through the same energy in which we build the outside worlds. We are in every field of expertise. We are skilled in every kind of labor and intellect. This moment only requires us to turn back to that right path we were on which created the world’s first civilizations and knowledge. The power of the enemies could not have thought that just in a small amount of time, we who were in bitter captivity and chains, those who were went away, and those who stayed would ascend as a collective globally to reclaim the rightful place fulfilling a destiny on the earth to continue the divine plan of human civilization. 

Dear beloved peoples we must comprehend the magnitude of this success. Commencing from now on, every step we take concerning the African Diaspora are miles gained towards the final day where all of Africa and her people are standing as a self sustained nation. The whole world is in Africa reaping fruits that it cannot grow. Not knowing that a small seedling with ancient roots uncutable by man’s evil efforts, is on the verge of growing so fast and wide, it will dorf the world placing it back into its proper order.

Most Respect

Sister Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie

Executive Secretary

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc




Firstly we must give thanks and praises to God, whose name and attributes are just as diverse as the names, cultures, and tradition of us as Afrikan people and to our ancestors, martyrs, our saints, who all over the world, struggled to lay this foundation we have today to continue in the spirit of freedom, the spirit of liberation, and the spirit to return and maintain our integrity as a people of the Afrikan Continent. It is indeed a good day that we all have come to set down with each other in unity to advance the civilization of African and her peoples.

 Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc would also like to thank the African Union for its perseverance in making this African Diaspora conference a reality and we pray that we will find it inspiring. It is due to the advancement of the African nations towards a united stage that we have come together today with intentions of uniting we here in the Diaspora towards the final steps to a raising African continent.

A.U.H., Inc is an umbrella organizational catalyst here to spearhead the empowerment and unity of African People worldwide. There are 4 pillars supporting this umbrella which are Charitable, Educational, Scientific, and Religious. We are connected to the 54 countries of Africa and the African Diaspora Sixth Region through their Embassies, Missions, Consulates, Organizations and people of Africa, by keeping them informed of our events, invitations to participate in our community forums, letters of moral support, and community reports to also include working partnership.  Support from the international leadership for AUH, Inc. has come from the African Union, the Missions and Embassies from Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia and Kenya. And our connections to South America are continual.

To date, Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc’s membership and global participation is reaching over 500 Afrikan People and Organizations of who we have directly worked and commutated with. A.U.H., Inc has been established for ten years, incorporated February 21, 2006 and is a not for profit organization. Since its forming by founder and President Brother Kassayi Hailu, an African born on the Continent, and Vice President Dr. James J. Graves, an African born in the Diaspora, the organization has produce  22 community programs and four international conferences centered on the crisis of the Horn of Africa. We have also implemented several community programs and projects under the 4 pillars supporting the A.U.H., Inc umbrella. Please view our Missions statement to read full detail of each.

We are currently voting members of PADU (Pan African Diaspora Union) and partners with SDRC (Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus). Our main objective to establish a community center tilted, “ The Center of Afrikan Unity”, in Harlem, where “ No matter where we are born, No matter what language we speak, No matter what religion we practice, We are One Afrikan People home and abroad. We are in need of a place to sit down and the center will provide this historical and cultural reflection of us all in one setting. We like to work within your initiative like in the Africa House to collectively work to establish the community center in Harlem.

Your Excellences we stand with you on the advent of peace and security in Africa. Let our people without visa be able to travel throughout the continent and for us in the Diaspora to do likewise. A.U.H., Inc. is also asking our scholars to bring the history of a united African people so that Africa can finally tell the world who and what she is. Africa feeds the whole world but it is Her children who our most hungry and begging in the streets. And globally inhumane acts continue to violate Her children’s human and people’s rights just as in France when the African women immigrates were dragged with their babies on their backs from street concerns due to the protesting the system of homelessness.

Your Excellencies, yes we need the skills bank, as well as the Center of Afrikan Unity. This center is a safe place for all of us no matter where we are from to come together in reconciliation with the world’s harms towards us, to live among each other to reacquaint out families and share our common heritage as a united people. The Center of Afrikan Unity in Harlem will utilize professionals, volunteers, student volunteers and community based activist who are blood descendants of the African continent. Each volunteer will be expected to successfully participate in a three week training program at the beginning of their work with the center. This training program will provide basic historical information pertaining to African history. We will focus on Africa’s relationship to other parts of the world through, art, culture, language, and science. The center will also give all volunteers information about African peoples and on African-centered educational methods. Volunteers who demonstrate proficiency during the initial training program will be invited to participate in an advanced training program to learn effective teaching techniques to foster the professional skills to secure their own futures. Each student volunteer will be expected to contribute 3-5 hours each week and to continue with The Center of Afrikan Unity in Harlem for a period of not less than 6 months with the benefits of college credits and field experience.

The Center of Afrikan Unity in Harlem will operate with 6 full and part time staff members. In addition, a Governing Board made up of international community leaders and Harlem activists that will provide overall operation and supervision of the Center.

We look forward in setting down with all of you to share our goals in the establishment of The Center of Afrikan Unity in Harlem, and we know you will support such timely and noteworthy event.

Most Respect

Sister Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie

Executive Secretary

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc


“No matter what language we speak, No matter where we are born, No matter what religious we practice, We are ONE AFRIKAN PEOPLES home and abroad!!!”

Greetings Your Excellencies, Clergy, Elders, Scholars, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters of the African Diaspora. It is with joy to report to you this day of the advancements made by your African Diaspora Brothers and Sister as we embraced the missions set by the African Union, to have the African descendants who are living outside of Africa, to organize towards the United Union States of Africa. We hope that you will find this report refreshing for we as African Diasporas have received our torch passed on to us by our ancestors of African Unity, Pan Africaism, and African Nationalism and we are together moving forward. We have to give thanks and praises to God, whose name and attributes are just as diverse as the names, cultures, and tradition of us as African blood descended people and to our ancestors, martyrs, our saints, who all over the world, struggled to lay this foundation we have today to continue in the spirit of freedom, the spirit of Pan Africanism, and the spirit to return and maintain our integrity as a stolen and lost people of the African Continent.

Ato Kassayi with SDRC Liberia Delegation

We would like to thank the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus( SDRC) for their hard work and strength. We have had the pleasure to see them in action in New York as they laid down the structures to the definition of the African in the Diaspora and held various community gatherings to gain the awareness of the African Union’s invitation to invite the African Diaspora to join them in their efforts to create the United States of Africa and to help build the African Union. We would also like to thank the Charleston South Carolina community for their generous hospitality in hosting such a noted and praise worthy international conference like PADU, and we are confident that they will go on to speared the good news of total African cohesiveness.

Your Excellencies, African Unity of Harlem, Inc is proud to announce to you new developments within our origination. We are now official partners of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SDRC) and voting members of the Pan African Diaspora Union (PADU). These two accomplishments have enable us to network with a wide range of our people whose efforts are in various paradigms of work to build up the new face of Africa and whose economic strengths together can produce abundantly in various fields of development for the African Diaspora and Continent. AUH, Inc. has also advanced our developments towards the establishment of, “The Center for African Unity of Harlem”, with locations and offices in the heart of Harlem. We will be sending a separate communication to schedule presentations with you in the near future.

As we sojourn from New York to South Carolina, the twenty hour bus ride on Greyhound gave us much needed time to rest back from the fast busy day to day life of New York City. Being that we respect all African Black people regardless of language, religion, or place of birth it was easy to spark up conversations with those going along to the South. There is much respect and hospitality African Blacks in the south hold. Very personal and intimate.

As told by one of the city’s Elders, originally South Carolina stretched far south as Florida and as far west as California. In Charleston around 1670 the town was known for its lumber and in 1678, exploration ships arriving from Madagascar landed on its coast. The land was once dense in marshlands and was seen to be a good business place to harvest in rice production. Seeing rice cultivated in the west coasts of Africa, the exploiters began shipping African people to the western lands to cultivate and harvest rice. From the skills and techniques African peoples used, the land would go on to produce enough to have a wealthy population. We, as Africans, were sought after for our knowledge, for cultivation skills and it was our skills that would invent long grain rice.  As the rice production grow more and more Africans were brought in to the Diaspora allowing the Gala Gushy culture to flourish.  After a tsunami erupted in the land, thousands of people were swept away along with the rice fields.  As of today, Charleston consist of several Islands all bond together through a serious of bridges.

PADU Delegation

The City of Charleston is home to the oldest African Diaspora Church, the proclaimed African Methodist Episcopal Church. The AME Church. It was originally founded in Philadelphia in 1891 when three African worshipers went to pray in front of the altar of the church they attended. During those days Africans could only pray in the upper balcony so one day these worshipers after seeing the entrance door to the church locked, entered through the front door. They stopped to pray in front of the alter to worship before going to the upper balcony, immediately they where manhandled and ordered to go to the back of the church. The three African men used this denial for them to worship their God as strength to leave that church to establish their own! The famous AME Church.

The Pan African Diaspora Union first international conference was much success. Please view videos of our trip on our YouTube channel and visit our blog for pictures and more details. Please read the official press release concerning the outcome of the conference and we look forward in meeting with you to give presentation of the Center of African Unity of Harlem.

Most Respect

Sister Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie

Executive Secretary

African Unity of Harlem, Inc

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